Ganesha: The Hindu deity most commonly identified by his elephant head. He is the remover of obstacles and the deva of intellect and wisdom. He’s commonly associated as the patron of arts and sciences. This is my personal, hand-drawn, image of him. He is detailed, colorful and beautiful. Advertisements


I breathe and I feel my heart skips a beat. My lungs catch and the world stops… I am me, but I am small. For something so small, do I matter? My heartache and sorrow and pain boils in my stomach. I wrap my arms around myself to keep me from falling into a million…

Go(a)t milk?

The benefits and popularity surrounding goat milk In the modern world of the West, milk is consumed daily, but where does it all come from? The majority of milk consumed comes from dairy cows, while goat milk is less common. Many people only attribute goat’s milk to a certain type of cheese, but with a…

Keeping it local with Athens’ original brews

Keeping it local with Athens’ original brews Because craft brewing has given us an excuse to call our drinking habits a hobby.   Located along the Appalachian Trail of Southeast Ohio, Athens is a melting pot of food, people, and beer. Home to Ohio Brew Week (OBW), Athens has become increasingly known for its annual…

Facade of Fear

The monotonous hum and drum and the come Together of our voices To create a cultish culture of Catholics. Speaking solemnly and spiritually Of an invisible man Of whom we put our trust in. The singing silences and the whispers of children echo. A baby cries and in the eyes of the mother is embarrassment….

The Chaos of Personality

I’m sorry for who I have been. So far, I feel like I have been swirling in a tornado of multiple personalities, all touched and molded by some outside source, and some influenced by the people closest to me. So where does that leave me? I am 23 years old, but if a stranger asks…

Suicide Awareness: My Battle

This is my story, my struggle, and my fight against mental illness and the stigma that all too often goes along with it.