The Chaos of Personality

I’m sorry for who I have been. So far, I feel like I have been swirling in a tornado of multiple personalities, all touched and molded by some outside source, and some influenced by the people closest to me. So where does that leave me?

I am 23 years old, but if a stranger asks me who I am, his or her guess is as good as mine. I’m lost in a swirling sea of personalities. Some I miss, some I regret, and some I wonder how I even acquired. I have lived the life of a baby, a tomboy, an athlete, a mean girl, a lost girl, a party girl, and a sad girl, but who am I now, you ask?

I am me. I have blue eyes of the sea, and a heart as fragile as glass. I am worn, like a shell washed up on the shore, still beautiful, but with some cracks and imperfections. I have left footprints in many people’s lives, and they have left their mark in mine. I can be as calm as the morning tide, or as raging as an ocean storm, but I know that no matter what happens, I can always start new, just as the waves wash away the footprints in the sand. Every day is a second chance to dream, to live, to breathe, and to love.


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